Chaotic circles, born in China, unhomely at home: a young girl draws her father into a sexual relationship, and a forbidden feast.

Red Water Red is an uneasy story about the bonds of family, the bounds of intimacy, and the returns of love.

This is a Mainland Chinese story, based in truth, taking place in a mobile world: a story fantasized about more often than it is spoken about. Red Water Red delves into the dark domain of feminine desire and masculine enjoyment, exploring what makes love possible, and intimacy forbidden. I have shape-shifted the Chinese characters for incest [亂倫 Luanlun] – which sound and look like ‘chaotic circles’ [亂輪 Luanlun] – into the imperfect circles of the moving camera. All the while I have crafted an unhomely tale that touches upon the real from another direction: the performances are understated, while desire is always breaking the bounds, making reality unreal, and sometimes, unbearable.

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